The HBO channel and the relatives of Michael Jackson continue to argue about the documentary Leaving Neverland. Earlier this year the Jacksons went to court about the appearance of the film, in which the ‘King of Pop’ is accused of sexual abuse, and now HBO has submitted a new motion to reject the case. Variety reports that. Earlier the channel made an attempt not to have the case occur, but that request was rejected.

According to the Jackson family, the channel broke contract with the broadcast in March. This is a contract from 1992, which was drawn up because the channel broadcasted a concert registration, which states that HBO may not humiliate or disgrace the singer. According to the relatives of Jackson, who died in 2009, the channel would have done this with the broadcast of the documentary.

Nonsense, says HBO. The lawyers of the channel state that the contract was terminated after both sides had met their obligations. Because the concert series was already broadcast in 1992, it would therefore no longer be in force. In addition, HBO believes that the charge violates freedom of expression. The documentary makers and alleged victims would then be ‘punished’ only by telling their story.

The Jackson states in a statement that freedom of expression is not a valid reason for canceling the breach of contract that they see committed. “Michael Jackson’s relatives are convinced that HBO’s most recent attempt to get out of its contractual obligations will fail.”

The judge will examine the case on 19 September.

In Leaving Neverland, broadcast in March, two men accuse Jackson of being abused as a child by him. The film caused quite a stir and caused, among other things, a boycott of Jackson’s music on various radio stations. The Jackson family, however, remained behind the “King of Pop” and called the film false and disgusting.