The relationship of 51-year-old Jamie Fox and 40-year-old Katie Holmes is again in doubt, because yesterday the actor was noticed in a nightclub in the company of a completely different woman.

Not one came to the popular Bootsy Bellows venue in West Hollywood – a girl of spectacular appearance came out of his “lamborghini”, with whom the actor had fun at the club all night.

They also left the party together. The next day, Fox was spotted in the same clothes as yesterday, and this suggested that he spent the night out of his house.

Of course, perhaps the stranger is just the actor’s girlfriend or even his daughter ’s girlfriend , with whom she has a much smaller age difference, but even so, Jamie was still very gentle with her: he took and held his hand.

In general, many have already decided that the actor broke up with Katie Holmes. Prior to this, rumors about the breakup of the couple were in February, when Jamie said that he was single and free . But after that, the couple was seen together in May at the Costume Institute Ball (and this, by the way, was also the first joint appearance in the world!), Since then – nothing.