The network 67 episodes available without subscription for the holiday weekend.

HBO is getting fans ready for the last season of Game of Thrones by making the first seven seasons of the show available for free, no subscription. The special event is underway and will continue until Sunday, November 25, as reported by ComicBook.


There are 67 episodes of Game of Thrones, and the average duration of an episode is 56 minutes. That means it will take about 63 hours to watch every episode of the show. It’s entirely possible to do it through all episodes of the series during the free period, but it will definitely need some serious dedication – the pause button need to be out-of-bounds every weekend.

If one were to start Thursday, he or she would need to spend about 15 hours a day watching Game of Thrones do it through here at the end of the day on Sunday. It’s a very serious binge watching!

In order to access the first episode of the series for free, users will need to provide an e-mail address and date of birth. To watch each episode of the series, users will need to be subscribed to the cable or satellite, as not all episodes are available on HBO site without HBO Go or HBO Now Subscription.

In other Game of Thrones news, the Inquisitr recently learned that the last season of the show would begin in April 2019. The finale of the season will have only six episodes, so there will be serious parcel movement in a very short time period.

The Inquisitr also reported that Game of Thrones will receive a prequel to the series that takes place more than 5,000 years before the events taking place in the course of the series. That means there will be no dragons or Targaryens, as they do not exist during this time. The next show will be starring Naomi Watts.

Fans are eagerly awaiting a trailer for the final season of the series, but from this writing, HBO continues to make fans wait. Once the trailer is out, we expect fans to dissect every detail.