A fuss about the engagement ring of Paris Hilton, which she got from her now ex-fiancée Chris Zylka. He wants the expensive ring of 2 million dollars (1.7 million euros) back, but now it turns out that he did not pay the jewelry at all.

The ring is ‘getty’ from celebrity jeweler Michael Greene, a good friend of Hilton, reports Page Six.

Hilton would therefore just want to keep the ring and do not worry about giving the jewel to her ex. “That ring is hers, it’s as simple as that,” according to a well-known socialite.


The ring immediately raised eyebrows after it became known that Zylka had asked her to marry her. Although the actor is not on average with a capital of 3.5 million euros, he faded with the bank balance of his fiancée. Hilton is good for 280 million euros, so soon the gossip went that she would have bought her own engagement ring.

Friends of Hilton are not surprised by the break-up. “She was tired of always having to pay everything, she is too good for him, they really come from two different worlds.”