2-year-old Halle Berry laid out on the set at one hundred percent. This was told by the director of the film “John Wick 3” Chad Stahelski. According to the director, after her own exhausting training, the actress spent a lot of time training dogs, which in the continuation of the franchise will be an integral part of the plot.

In the recently introduced trailer of “John Wick 3,” viewers first saw the character Halle Berry, Sophia, with her trained dogs. It turned out that finding and training animals was not an easy task, and the actress was directly involved in its decision.

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“At first we had dog auditions for a couple of months. Then, for another five months, they were trained to perform various stunt tricks. We did not want the coach to hide behind some object or support during the shooting. We wanted Holly herself, or rather her heroine Sophia, to be a trainer. So she didn’t pretend that these were her dogs, they really were hers. After her training sessions, she came to work and play with them for several months, so the animals on the screen listened to her. They did not even look at our trainer. It really was fun, ”Stachelski said.