The boss of Facebook has good press with his employees.

Mark Zuckerberg’s place has been questioned many times. It must be said that the big boss Facebook, famous social network number one in the world, made a lot of mistakes last year. Between the case Cambridge Analytica, which allowed the theft of millions of personal data, and the passage in front of the American congress, Mark Zuckerberg will not have been entitled to the best publicity. For this reason, on the Blind application, allowing to vote anonymously, 735 Facebook employees decided whether the man should stay – or not – at the head of Facebook. Result? The majority do not want him to leave.

Facebook employees appreciate Mark Zuckerberg

It was Blind that Facebook employees decided to give their opinion on the possible departure of Mark Zuckerberg. It must be said that the man will be pointed out with many polemics related to the social network this year. 600 of the employees feel that the boss is perfectly in his place while 122 voted for his departure. The rest have no opinion on the matter.

But the survey went even further by questioning employees about the image of the social network. An image tainted by many scandals, Cambridge Analytica in mind. Out of 985 respondents, 817 think that business does not affect Facebook. 168 think, however, that these controversies have impacted the image of Facebook.

In giving voice to its employees, a finding: Facebook employees seem to be mostly on the side of Mark Zuckerberg. A boss who does not seem ready to take the door, as many imagined.