The flying car, and more precisely the flying taxi, is a dream for some big groups, including Boeing. Today, the giant has successfully completed the first flight of its autonomous flying taxi.

Boeing is a leading specialist in aeronautics and aerospace. In other words, if we had to name companies that would be able to fly autonomous flying taxis, this one would certainly be on the list. And that’s exactly what the American giant just saw with its VTOL vehicle. The aircraft managed to take off, hover and land, all without any human intervention.

First successful test flight for Boeing autonomous flying taxi

Boeing is one of the big names currently working on a flying taxi project to create the transportation networks of tomorrow. These vehicles can take off and land at the vehicle to avoid the need for tracks, which would be far too restrictive.

The test marks a remarkable performance. Boeing’s machine was able to take off, hover and land. Still, there is still a lot to do. For example, the craft did not show that it was able to move in the air – it’s annoying – and the transition between vertical and horizontal flight modes could not be presented.

A first shy but impressive technical demonstration

That being said, it’s one step closer to other similar devices in the competition. Boeing stated that once completed, this vehicle will be part of an “urban air mobility” solution that will transport passengers in 80 km radius.