The star visited Montreal, where she appeared in a transparent dress at a temperature of about minus 15-20 degrees.

The reality star Kim Kardashian alarmed the fans by walking in an almost 20-degree frost in a transparent dress. Pictures and videos from the trip appeared on the Kardashian page on Twitter.

The video shows how Kim appears in a transparent dress by French designer Thierry Mugler near the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.ย The star arrived there at the opening of the exhibition Mugler.

Half-naked Kim with a plastic corset on top of the dress and in shoes tried not to fall on the ice. Users noted that this evening in Montreal was about 15-20 degrees below zero.

Fans of the star noted that she looked absolutely calm in the cold.ย Fans advised Kardashian to wear a jacket and noted that Kim apparently did not take into account the weather conditions in Canada.