Two penalties for improper parking and an outraged comment by a servant of the law, and the actor just wanted to go for a cold coffee.

Ben Affleck has been tricky in recent months: divorce, rehab and undue attention from the press. Now in his troubles collection, there are also two penalties for parking in the wrong place. However, apparently, such trifles can no longer be unsettled. While the police officer filled out the documents for the collection of money from the actor, he smiled and joked with her. In parting, Affleck even hugged the officer, she did not remain in debt and made him a small compliment:

In life, you are nicer than on screen. But why did you leave Jenny? Jenny was the best! Although your second Jenny was also beautiful ..

– Said the police after Afflek, getting into the car. 

Ben did not react at all to the words, only defiantly rolled his eyes and drove off into the distance on his cherry Chevrolet Chevelle SS. What kind of Jen said the policeman, one can only guess. Recall that the actor met with Jennifer Lopez from 2002 to 2004 and was even engaged to be engaged, while he married Jennifer Garner in 2005 and divorced in November 2018.