The star clarified the situation

Rumors of the novel Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper appeared immediately after the release of their joint film work Star Was Born – it is very likely that they played an insanely beautiful love story. The actors themselves added fuel to the fire: after the National Board of Review Awards, Gaga spoke about the “real chemistry” between her and Cooper . Soon, the star unexpectedly broke off the engagement with her manager Christian Carino , and the fans immediately decided that it was not without Bradley’s participation. Well, after the Oscar ceremony, where the partners on the set together sang Shallow (for which Gaga, by the way, got her first statuette), the press almost married the actors.

But yesterday, the singer and newly made actress appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and brought clarity to the situation. As stated by Gaga, he and Bradley showed people what they wanted to see.

“Social networks are, frankly, an Internet bathroom. People saw love, and guess what? This is what we wanted you to see, ”she says.

She stressed that the film “The Star was Born” is a love story, so it was necessary to convey all the lyrical feelings.

“For the two of us, this connection was very important. When you sing a love song, you want people to feel it, ”the star says.

According to Gaga, her relationship with Bradley Cooper was no different from her relationship with Tonny Benet, with whom she had worked for many years and appeared together at social events.

“I am an artist, and I believe that Bradley and I did an excellent job: they deceived you,” she admitted.