‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actress Katherine Heigl (42) looks back on an intense period in her life on her social media. Years ago, when she played the role of Doctor Izzie Stevens in the popular hospital series, she spoke out publicly about the hard work on set and the poor working conditions. Not soon after that, wild stories were going around that she was difficult to work with.

“I let that beating shut me up”

“Over ten years ago, I was very vocal about the absurdity of the working hours that the crew and actors were forced into by the production. I was publicly ‘kicked in the ass’ for speaking my mind for many years after that,” Katherine wrote in a candid post. 

She continues: “I let that beating shut me up. I took a big step back and retreated into the forests of Utah. I’ve spent quite a bit of time struggling with my confidence and self-esteem.”

Katherine shares her story because many Americans working in the media world are currently working hard to reduce their working hours. “So I’m sharing my opinion today and saying without hesitation or regret: 14, 16, 17, 18-hour workdays are NOT safe. They are NOT healthy. They cannot and should no longer be tolerated,” concludes Katherine. Her entire message can be read in the post above. 

The popular series could come to an end after eighteen seasons. Lead actress Ellen Pompeo recently announced this during an interview on the red carpet prior to the Emmy Awards. According to Ellen, “fans are not far off with their speculations on the internet”.