Sunday, September 26, Amber Heard unveiled a new photo of her daily life on her Instagram account. Single, she juggles her life as a woman and her life as a mother and wants to share it with her subscribers.

Organization is the key! On Sunday, September 26, Amber Heard shared a new photo on her Instagram account. The opportunity for the 35-year-old actress to share her new daily life as a mother with her subscribers. 

Dumbbell in the left hand, baby in the right hand; Amber Heard discovers the joys of motherhood. A single mother, she learns to manage her life as an active woman and her baby on her own. Born on April 8, her daughter Oonagh – born of a surrogate mother – came to shake up the daily life of the Aquaman star. 

Amber Heard has also perfectly captioned her shot by indicating: “Multitasking mom”. Its subscribers quickly commented on the publication to express their admiration: “Superheroes”, or “We love to discover that! », We can read in the comments.

The role of both parents

On July 16, Amber Heard already unveiled her new daily by posting a photo of her teleworking, her daughter on her knees. “I am mom and dad. She is the boss, ”she captioned. What reassure women and single mothers, and show the reality of the job of mom.