Maluma has been the subject of many dating rumors but the none of that has been so high as this one that he is dating Kim Kardashian as she has filled a divorce from Kanye West. He addressed the rumor by saying that he has no idea from where did that came out from. “I don’t even know! Right? We were together at the Dior show. I met her for the first time there,” he shared. “I was also there with Kourtney [Kardashian].” 

Kim and Kourtney both attended the Dior Men’s Fall 2020 Runway Show in December 2019 in Miami, Florida, where Maluma was also spotted. As of the speculation that Maluma and the mother of four were in item, the 27-year old singer told the sources that they don’t know why all of a sudden people started asking her this. Ashe said; “People just started talking about it. I don’t know why they started asking her that. Maybe because she was getting her divorce and everything, you know?” 

With regard to the status of their relationship now, Maluma said, “We are good friends. We don’t talk that often, but yeah, we are good friends and we always wish the best for each other.” Kim herself addressed the rumor back in June on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion special.  “I’ve seen him a few times, always in Miami, such a nice guy,” Kim said of Maluma, denying that she was dating the musician. 

Maluma had another link with the Kardashians family. He was longtime pais with Kourtney’s ex. Scott Disick, who appeared in his “SOBRIO” music video earlier this year.