Need a summary of the first half of Gotham season 4 and / or a teaser of upcoming events next March? The latest Fox video is for you.

At the editorial desk, despite a certain obstinacy, we dropped Gotham during season 3. And at the rate where the events unfold in the series of Fox from the beginning, as much to tell you that the last trailer broadcast by the channel has a little sounded so much the writers seem to have let go ever further. So much so that this video serves as both a teaser for the next season 4 coming soon, but also a summary of its first half.

The Penguin and the Joker are in an asylum …

If this summary does not interest you, go to the 3rd minute of the video for the original content. In this teaser rich in images, we can notably note the tensions present between Alfred and Bruce, that the latter will team with Selina and his whip, before being kissed by the third version of Ivy Pepper (incarnated this time by Peyton List who will not hesitate to kiss a minor …).

Gordon, on the other hand, has a lot to do at the head of the GCPD while his old female relationships do … stuff (it was already the case in the past, but difficult to understand who does what), while the Penguin and Jerome (finally officially the Joker?) Seem to be allied in Arkham asylum while Nigma, Solomon Grundy or Ra’s al Ghul will also be in the mix.

Gotham returns on March 1st on Fox with episode 12 of season 4.

Gotham – Recap ‘and teaser season 4