On the web and on mobile (Android and iOS), Google has seriously updated its Google News service (Google News) for more personal results.

The new Google News is now available on all platforms. Indeed, not only the web version changes its interface and its operation quite concretely, but it is especially on iOS and Android that the firm is the most radical, because the Google News application replaces / merges with Play Kiosk.

Google News is doping with AI

What’s new in the new Google News? If the categories (France, International, Economy, Entertainment, Sports … etc.) are still there (present in the “Titles” tab on mobile and offering in some cases new subcategories), Google adds a section “For you”. As the name suggests, it is managed by a custom algorithm. An insert says: “These articles are ranked based on their quality, originality, and timeliness of their content, activity, and previous purchases in Google News, as well as your activity in others. Google products. Google may have a license agreement with some of these publishers, but this has no impact on the ranking of results. ”

It should also be noted that the blocks containing several articles on the same subject offer a button “see full coverage” to consult in an improved manner the best articles on the subject, videos or a timeline in some cases. Finally, a “Favorites” insert groups the themes, places and sources followed by the user. This of course allows you to find articles to his taste in one click, but also to influence the algorithm of the part “For you”.

Follow Begeek on Google News

In addition, if you want to signal to Google’s algorithm that the news, folders and tips relayed on Begeek you like to see more in your Google News feed, it’s very simple. Just go to the official media page (via the search or directly via  this link ) and click on the star icon at the top right. And that’s it, Begeek is one of your sources. And if you use Flipboard instead to follow the news.