If for some the wedding is a joyful event, then for others it is a real torture. For example, for the characters Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder in the movie “Destination: Wedding” (Wedding Destination), the official trailer which appeared yesterday in the network.


According to the script, Lindsay (the heroine of Ryder) flies to the wedding of her former lover (agree, a dubious pleasure). Frank (the hero of Reeves) is invited to the feast as the half-brother of the groom, the relationship with which he, frankly, is quite tense. Before the celebration begins, the couple will have enough time for each other to get bored (as it is not difficult to guess, they will now and then be randomly crossed wherever possible) and will regret a hundred times that they have flown at all for the wedding. But from hatred to love, as you know, just one step, and that the end of this story will be more than romantic, you can not doubt.

Between Winona and Keanu there is excellent natural chemistry, which is certainly very important for romantic history,

– said the director of the picture Victor Levin.

In the Russian rental picture will be released on November 8.