Officially: Father Megan Markle will not come to her wedding with Prince Harry, and on May 19, someone else will lead the bride to the altar. The 36-year-old actress herself today confirmed this information by issuing a statement distributed by representatives of the Kensington Palace.

Unfortunately, my father will not attend our wedding. I always cared and worried about him, I hope, now he will be left alone and he will have time to do his health.

I want to thank everyone who sends us messages with words of support. Please know that we with Harry look forward to sharing our special day with you,

– reads the statement.

Meghan Markle Instagram 11/1/2016

Megan means that yesterday Thomas Markle underwent a heart surgery – stenting the blood vessels, after which he should spend several days in the hospital. He himself says that the restoration will take a long time. However, heart problems are not the only reason why Thomas refused to attend his daughter’s wedding with a British prince: this decision was also influenced by the scandal surrounding him when it turned out that he was in cahoots with the paparazzi and sold them his pictures.

Recall that recently appeared on the network curious photos of Thomas, which immediately attracted the attention of the media and were replicated by tabloids: here Thomas is corrupting Prince Harry, here is reading a book about Britain and the royal family … All this looked too suspicious, and it is not surprising: it turned out that the pictures were staged! According to one version, Thomas agreed to pose the paparazzi, since he needed money. After this story surfaced, Father Megan repented and declared that he would not come to the wedding of his daughter, so as not to embarrass her. Thomas was so worried about the fact that he “let down” his daughter, that he suffered a heart attack, because of which he needed a further heart operation.

Megan tried to persuade her father to change the decision, but nothing happened. Of course, now she is going through, but she tries not to concentrate on negative thoughts. Prince Harry helps in this – insiders say that this unpleasant story on the eve of the wedding brought the lovers closer even more.

 (Photo by Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images)