Video conferencing services are on the rise more than ever. The health crisis linked to Covid-19 and the containment measures practically imposed the use of these tools to stay in contact with those close to him. The publishers have done their part.

If there is a reason why Zoom has gained so much popularity in recent months, besides the only need for a video call service to keep in touch with loved ones and colleagues, it is because it is extremely easy to join a video conference . Zoom does not ask to create an account, or to connect. The organizer just has to send the participants a link and that single link allows you to join the call as a guest. Google does the same.

Google Duo simplifies participation in multi-person video conferences

Since Zoom is used by schools and professionals, we can imagine that it could be quite problematic to be invited and to be obliged to create an account. This ease of use has undoubtedly help make the service so popular. Today, competition has taken over this way of doing things. Microsoft with Skype in particular. Now it looks like it’s Google’s turn. The Mountain View giant intends to gain users by doing the same with its Google Duo platform.

Now just click on the link, no need to have an account

As discovered by Android Police, it appears that Duo users looking to host a video conference can now do so by simply sharing a link. Anyone with the link can join the conference. Clicking on it will open the Duo application. For the time being, however, it seems that this functionality is limited to mobile since Duo video calls to more than two participants are not yet supported by the web version. In any case, it is a step in the right direction. This should greatly facilitate the organization and participation in video conferences.