Forbes has published a new rating.

Forbes Magazine introduced the annual ranking of the 100 highest paid stars in the world. The publication took into account their income from June 2019 to May 2020. The ranking shows amounts before taxes and fees to agents, managers or lawyers.

This year, everyone on the list together earned $ 6.1 billion – $ 200 million less than last year. This was probably influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, due to which almost all projects were suspended. The publication notes that next year, “most likely, it will not be better.”

Among the representatives of the film industry, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds excelled in the ranking, earning $ 87.5 and 71.5 million, respectively. The following lines took Mark Wahlberg – $ 58 million, Ben Affleck – $ 55 million, Vin Diesel – $ 54 million.

Among the women on the list of actors were Jennifer Lopez, who earned $ 47.5 million over the past year, Sofia Vergara – $ 43 million and Angelina Jolie – $ 35.5 million.

And the richest celebrities this time were Kylie Jenner ($ 590 million) and Kanye West ($ 170 million). At the same time, Forbes recently deprived Kylie of the status of the youngest billionaire, having counted her income. According to new data, Jenner’s fortune is estimated not at a billion, but at 900 million dollars.