Ashe’s case will continue with new heroes and heroines

Actor Bruce Campbell gave an interview to Empire, in which he talked about the situation with the fourth film of the Evil Dead Dead franchise. The original trilogy consisted of films shot by Sam Raimi, starring Bruce Campbell, 1981 The Evil Dead, 1987 The Evil Dead 2, and 1993 Army of Darkness. In addition, in 2013 a remake of the first film, The Evil Dead: The Black Book, directed by Federico Alvarez, was released, and Campbell starred in the series Ash Against the Evil Dead.

In an interview, Campbell said:

We just spoke on the phone with Lee Cronin, who will be the screenwriter and director of the fourth installment of The Evil Dead, codenamed Evil Dead Now. Sam Raimi offered this work to Lee after he saw “The Other” (The Hole in the Ground). This guy is capable of more, and we are going to give him such a chance.

My character Ash will not be in the new film. And this is good, this is liberation from fetters. In this case, in the new film there may be different heroes, different heroines. What will add the speakers. Our main idea is that our characters are ordinary people whose circumstances force them to become heroes. And we are going to continue this idea in a new project.