Good news, Google Domains arrives in France! It is now possible to buy a domain name from Google in the Hexagon, among 225 extensions that are available to you. Surprise all the same, because we do not find the extension .fr

Google Domains, now available in France, allows you to buy domain names through the Mountain View company. A very simple procedure to perform, since it is sufficient to go to the dedicated site and to inform the research part located at the top of the page. The task is all the easier as the interface is intuitive.

Google Domains, how does it work?

Once you have completed your search field, Google Domains offers you a domain name proposal. To find out if the domain name is available, it appears in the form of a green face and a smile. For names that are not available, you have a gray face that appears.

The domain names available are accompanied by their annual price. If it suits you, a button allows you to reserve this one. Premium domain names are available for purchase, the sum of which can reach more than one thousand euros.


Limited domain names

However, Google Domains reserves some surprises, even some disappointments. Indeed, if we can find the extension .ca for Canada, it is unfortunately different for France, Switzerland or Belgium. Thus, we do not find the .ch extensions for the Helvetians, .be for the Belgians or .fr for the French. Rather strange when we officially announce a launch in France!

If you are interested in a .fr domain name, you will have to go to the competition on Gandi, Online or OVH for example. Nevertheless, Google Domains has many advantages, including the ability to perform domain transfers. And that’s not all, since the service gives access to the G Suite mail and allows the simplified design of email addresses.

Google Domains is available in France and in 13 other countries, from nine euros a year for the extension .pw, the price can climb with the .com, .org or .net. Note that Google Domains is still in beta in France.