There are projects that do not seem to want to be done and, perhaps, must respect their decision, do not try the devil, do not play with fire. In short, you have to leave them alone.And The Crow can finally rest in peace, in the respect that is due to him …. Nope, we are kidding.

Because it’s a looooooong moment that the project of remake/reboot of  The Crow is in the pipes. So long, moreover, that he was stuck in the pipes for a long time. Between the announced actors who are barred, the selected directors who get fired and the production company that filed for bankruptcy, we could make a film only on the attempt to mount this remake.

That said, although we have no news of the project since last November, the new The Crow has still  Corin Hardy to its realization and Jason Momoa in the lead role. And, despite several false starts, they hold firm and seem determined to make it real. And today, it is a very important news that announces the Hollywood Reporter since the date of release of The Crow has just been officially unveiled. Thus, the film will be released on US screens on October 11, 2019.

A strategic choice obviously since it will be released around Halloween, central festival of the story. But for the moment, no other new element has been revealed. We must remember that in the meantime to be able to stage, the director is gone to The Nun, the nth spin-off of Conjuring that will arrive on our screens on July 11 and his success already programmed (like everything that has concerns  Conjuring ) should further facilitate the start of construction of this high-risk project.