Does the future of the smartphone lie in foldable screens? Better to be cautious: we still have in mind the flop of smartphones with curved screens, like the Samsung Galaxy Round, or the LG Flex. But Samsung clearly wants to play a new card with foldable screens.

Technology, as innovative as it is, does not serve much if it is misused. DJ Koh, the head of the mobile division of Samsung, does not say anything else: interviewed at the MWC, the leader explained in essence that he no longer sought innovation for innovation. ” We have been obsessed with being first in the industry, rather than thinking about how innovation can be useful for our customers, ” he told the Korea Herald.

We fold, we unfold

Despite these wise words, Samsung is very clearly going to take the lead of innovation in the smartphone industry with its plan for a device with a foldable screen. The famous Galaxy X, that rumor has been announcing for years, would thus make it possible to switch from a “smartphone” format to a “tablet” mode simply by folding or unfolding its screen. Samsung has in any case confirmed working on such a product in its last financial statement.

It remains to be seen of course what such a smartphone will look like. Take a look at the patents filed by the manufacturer allows to have a small idea. In particular, on the newly revealed: the device is presented in two parts connected by a hinge that can fold and unfold the screen.

The product looks pretty thick when folded, but the tablet format gives a better impression of finesse. Keep in mind that this is only a patent, and that Samsung can seek to protect ideas without wanting to turn them into real devices. Nevertheless, we are very curious to see what the manufacturer has in his sleeve to make the difference.