Pretty impressive, such a huge tattoo. Scarlett Johansson (34) showed her body artwork during the premiere of her new movie Jojo Rabbit.

“I never knew Scarlett had tattoos”

It is not every day that Scarlett shows her huge back tattoo on the red carpet. The actress made an exception during the premiere of her new film Jojo Rabbit . The floral motif on the back of the 34-year-old has been talked about for years. Scarlett has a whole rose plant running from the middle of her back to her shoulders and knows how to shock fans with the intense work of art. 

“I never knew Scarlett had tattoos,” said one fan. “Can we talk about how beautiful that back tattoo of hers is?” Not everyone likes it. “I remember thinking,” Oh my god, Scarlett Johansson has very ugly tattoos. ” And she keeps taking more. At least she is committed, I think, “a critical Twitterer believes.