Star actors will first appear in one film.

John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds are now experiencing perhaps the best stage in their career. Krasinski became the star of the super-successful horror Silent Place, while Reynolds shines in such popular films as Deadpool and Detective Pikachu. According to The Hollywood Reporter, soon the actors will first perform in tandem, playing roles in the fantasy comedy “Imaginary Friends”. In addition, Krasinski will assume the functions of screenwriter and director of the picture.

“I even had to feed him with his hands when this huge owl turned away”

In “Imaginary Friends,” Reynolds got the main role. He will play a man who has an unprecedented gift – the ability to see other people’s imaginary friends, as well as communicate with these bizarre entities. At the same time, it is not only about those friends who still surround their creators, but also about those who turned out to be “forgotten and dismissed”. But one day, a Reynolds character discovers that not all of these friends are so friendly. Realizing the potential of his gift, the hero decides to use it to save the world. Who in the new film will play Krasinski is still unknown.

Now “Imaginary friends” are at the very early stage of production, so it is impossible to predict when the picture will be released. It is possible that this will not happen so soon, because at the moment both Reynolds and Krasinski are busy with a number of other projects.