The singer has recently traveled to Hawaii and talks about how important it is to listen to “Mother Nature.”

Britney Spears says “nothing cures more than the ocean.” The 37-year-old star recently traveled to the Hawaiian island of Maui, and said about her “magical” trip on social media, how important it is to listen to “Mother Nature.”

She wrote on Instagram: “Nothing heals more than the ocean. I always feel so alive when I see the ocean on Maui. It’s literally turquoise … it’s amazing … In a world where we are all subject to cell phones and devices. We hang on the screens instead of Mother Nature. ”

“Mother Nature is everything. I find her every time I come to this magical place. Here I know there is more. ”

Last month, Spears revealed that he is taking some time in his career to “stop and reflect,” since he has been working “nonstop” since he was a child.

She wrote next to a photo of herself on stage: “I hope you haven’t forgotten me !!! I’m taking this transition in my life to focus on what I really want … I’ve been working non-stop, well, since I was 8 years in business. ”

“Sometimes it is good to stop and reflect! I miss you all … I really have the best fans in the world. ”

Meanwhile, Britney’s partner, Sam Asghari, previously admitted that he can “absolutely” see marriage in his future, as he believes that getting married is the “center point” of any relationship.