The unsettled personal life of Charlize Theron upsets not only her many fans, but even the famous TV presenter Ellen Degeneres. The other day, the actress visited her show, where DeGeneres did not miss the chance to find Charlize soulmate. And no, it’s not Brad Pitt.

Together with Charlize, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie came to visit Ellen, the actresses presented the trailer for their new joint film “Scandal”. The tape, based on real events, is dedicated to employees of the media empire who publicly accused their boss of sexual harassment.

After the premiere of the trailer, DeGeneres invited Theron to play the game “Who’s Charlize?” Pictures of two famous men appeared on the screen, and the actress, with the help of the advice of her colleagues, had to choose one of them.

Among the contenders for the actress’s hand and heart were Drake, Harry Styles (Charlize Theron said she could be his mother), Lenny Kravitz (Nicole Kidman was a little embarrassed in his photo, she was engaged to the musician many years ago) and, of course, Brad Pitt.

Seeing on the screen the star “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Theron made a displeased face, it seems that she, too, was tired of rumors about a romantic relationship with the actor.

If anything, I haven’t met Brad Pitt,

– tried to reassure actress Nicole Kidman.

And I, apparently, yes,

– joked Charlize, noting that she, it turns out, had a relationship that she did not know about.

By the way, Michael B. Jordan became the finalist of the game, which greatly amused the actress and her friends.