Epic Games thinks very strongly to make its game competitive with the setting up of tournaments.

Fortnite is a bit like the Battle Royale of the moment. A game mode so successful that professional players have emerged for a handful of months and display millions of views on Twitch, YouTube … Faced with this success, Epic Games also generates large sums and seems to want to push his hit towards the competition thanks to the most talented gamers. And it is not the new game mode called Offensive Solo, deployed recently, that will make us say the opposite. Continuing to head to the competition, Epic Games has also announced plans to invest $ 100 million in this field. The promise of great encounters – but also rewards …

Big sums invested for Fortnite competition

Without knowing the exact figures generated by Epic Games, one thing is certain: the studio is durable, much more than others in a very competitive environment. His version of Fortnite on iOS even brings in millions of dollars a day. The money that will be reinjected into the competition – no wonder when we see the number of emerging professional players, like Ninja, who shared a live with the rapper Drake.

We intend to support the competition very actively but with a different approach: to include as many players as possible by focusing on the pleasure of the game and watching others play. We will give you more details on the competitions and platforms involved in the coming weeks.


Epic Games has decided to invest 100 million dollars for the creation of Fortnite tournaments with lots that we imagine consistent. An amount invested only in the 2018-2019 season: we imagine competitions easily grow if the craze does not stop! Epic Games has therefore understood the importance of eSport.