Kensington Palace published the first official photos from the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, which died off on May 19. In one photo, the newlyweds are posing along with other members of the royal family, on the other – they are sealed only together, on the third – together with their young assistants at the wedding, the bridesmaids and pages.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex represent three official photographs from her wedding. The photographer Alexey Lyubomirsky became the author of the pictures. The footage was taken in the Green Living Room of Windsor Castle, immediately after the festive procession. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to thank everyone who took part in the celebration of their wedding. They are incredibly happy that they were able to share this special day with everyone who gathered in Windsor, and with those who watched the wedding on television in Britain, the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations and around the world,

– is reported in the official statement.

The photographer , who was lucky enough to take photos that already went down in history, in turn, shared his emotions with working with Harry and Megan:

It’s an incredible honor to be able to capture the love story of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, from the time of engagement to the wedding and family portraits. It was a wonderful chapter in my life and career, which I will never forget,

– Lubomirski admitted.