It became known that at the 93rd year of life, the daughter of the cult director Alfred Hitchcock and screenwriter Alma Reville, Patricia “Pat” Hitchcock, has died. Over the course of her long life, Pat has repeatedly helped her father in the work on films, inscribing her name in the history of American horror movies. In particular, she took part in the production of such films as “Psycho”, “Stage Fear”, “Strangers on a Train” and many others.

She starred in many of her father’s films, including the cult film Psycho.

The daughter of the master grew up in an atmosphere of cinematography, so from birth she dreamed of becoming an actress. A loving father helped her make these dreams come true. Her small homeland was London, but at the age of 10 the girl emigrated to the United States.

“My parents have always raised me as an Englishwoman. I knew in advance what they expected from me, so I was always an exemplary child. Also in the movies. I always listened to my father and did not argue with him, ”she said to the Daily Star .