The main character will ascend to the throne of God.

The premiere of the show about the charming ruler of Hell, who got bored in the underworld and went to Los Angeles, took place in 2016. Netflix is ​​currently wrapping up its final sixth season. Its premiere is scheduled for September 10, 2021. The main storylines can already be seen in the official trailer.

The plot of the finale tells about the Apocalypse. God disappeared, leaving the Earth unattended. There is no one to save humanity. The charming Lucifer has no choice but to take on the responsibilities of his father. But the throne of God is not so easy to take, it is necessary to fight for it.

The finale promises to be bright. Lots of funny scenes, songs and even animation. Chloe will remain the main ally of Lucifer, and the rest of the heroes will not stand aside. What can you do to save the world when the heavens are crumbling.