Keanu Reeves has just put a smile on the face of all his fans by performing on a red carpet with his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant.

After months of breaking the internet , Keanu Reeves confirmed his new courtship in the most public way possible: on a red carpet. And it’s the first time he does something like that in decades!

The 55-year-old actor appeared this weekend at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles with Alexandra Grant , a partner for years and a girlfriend for what appear to be a few months. Grant is 46 years old.

“His friends are convinced that Keanu and Alexandra’s friendship has become romantic,” said a source close to Reeves in an interview with Life & Style. “Everyone is elated that he has finally found happiness with such a wonderful woman. Keanu keeps saying good things about her!”

Grant and Reeves have known each other since 2011, when they collaborated together on the book “Ode to Happiness” that the actor wrote and she illustrated. In 2016, they also published “Shadows” , distributing the work in the same way. That alliance would culminate in the independent publishing house they founded in 2017, X Artists’ Books .

During its heyday as a 90’s star, Reeves had dating with actress Jill Schoelen and filmmaker Sofia Coppola . Later, the actor began dating Jennifer Syme , an assistant to musician Dave Navarro . In 1999, Syme gave birth to her first baby, a girl, but she was born dead. The couple separated shortly after and in 2001 Syme died in a tragic traffic accident that was a very hard emotional blow for Reeves. The actor went viral years later when a photo of him sitting on a bench led thousands of fans to turn with him and even establish a Keanu Day to help him be happy again.

(This same year, a Malaysian magazine triggered a similar phenomenon by publishing a fake Reeves interview in which the actor claimed to feel lonely and not have a girlfriend. The Internet was filled with memes about the actor’s happiness before the denial).

Reeves supports a fantastic 2019 professionally and it seems that now also personally. The actor starred in blockbusters John Wick: Cahpter 3 and Toy Story 4 , as well as the romantic comedy perhaps forever from Netflix . Now, Reeves has yet to start filming The Matrix 4 with many of his castmates in the sci-fi cult tape. The premiere is scheduled for 2022.