The singer shared images of herself from the past where she is seen smoking.

Rapper Cardi B recently shared some photos of her past, warning girls not to smoke cigarettes so they always look good.

The photos she shared were of her at the age of 15, where she can be seen trying to impress the elderly in high school, reports the Daily Mail.

“Cardi, 15 years old … Dear girls, do not smoke cigarettes or marijuana trying to look good for older people because they will really grow up and see how silly as I see myself doing.”

“Seriously, what was I thinking? Anyway naaa my mustache was too much, ”he wrote,

One of the images showed the teenager Cardi lighting a cigarette while holding a bag.

Cardi also shared photos of his days as a stripper, before launching his rap career.

On the work front, she will be seen performing in “Fast and Furious 9”, which brings Vin Diesel as the protagonist of the Dominic Toretto franchise.