Steven Spielberg does not think that the original movies of Netflix, Hulu and other SVOD platforms should receive Oscars.

In an interview with ITV News , the American director has indeed discussed the weight of paid streaming services in the entertainment industry. And according to the famous filmmaker, films that are mainly watched on television deserve to receive only Emmy Awards, and no more.

” As soon as you engage in a television format, you have a TV movie. You are definitely a great movie, which deserves an Emmy, but not an Oscar. I do not think that films that are allowed to go out in a few venues for less than a week are qualified to be nominated by the Academy of Oscars, “says the legend of the 7th art.

Steven Spielberg nonetheless encourages these same SVOD platforms to be a new home for small independent films, increasingly neglected by big movie studios.

” Many studios prefer to invest in guaranteed box office hits based on their successful franchises, rather than taking risks with smaller movies. These films, which the studios used to produce, go to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon,“he adds.

Whether it’s Steven Spielberg or not, Mudbound , a Netflix film, has received three nominations for previous Oscars, including Best Supporting Actor. Ready Player One , the latest production of the director of ET (in theaters this Wednesday), may not have the same honors.