The content of the Starter Pack Fortnite game is revealed on PlayStation Store … by mistake!

Fortnite is the hit game of the moment. Available on consoles and PC – but also iOS and soon Android – the hit offers clashes in a phenomenon mode called Battle Royale. In the latter, the players must kill each other on a map gradually reducing. Completely free, the revenue generated by Fortnite for its studio Epic Games is based essentially on the purchase of appearances. And one of them is none other than the Starter Pack.

Mistakenly Unveiled on the PlayStation Store

It is on the Playstation Store that was unveiled – by mistake – the contents of this Starter Pack allowing beginners to have access to an appearance without breaking the bank. At a price of 4.99 euros, the player will have 600 V-Bucks (virtual currency of the game), a Rogue Agent Outfit with the Catalyst Back Bling. These three items should be offered to players for a short period of time, specifically from March 27 to April 1. Of course, nothing prevents you from becoming a good player without in-game purchase by simply downloading Fortnite for free …