While  Mr. Night Shyamalan has been living a resurrection for two films, the filming of his next feature film, Glass, is expected at the turn. And he reveals us images that are very pleasant.

If you have not seen Split yet, stop reading this article right away because we are going to SPOILER like big pigs. We leave you a few seconds to leave … Is it good? Ok … so here we go.
So, Split, it was super good and the last sequence of the film left us on a big surprise since we find Bruce Willis, in the role of David Dunn, thus making the link between the film and Incassable. So both films were in the same universe and very soon after, Shyamalan had revealed to the press that his next film would be Glass, both Unbreakable 2 and Split 2. And inevitably, kiki all hard as they say in this noble and prude profession.

The film is currently shooting and if, of course, it is not ready to reveal its secrets before its scheduled release on January 23, 2019 , the Daily Mail has just posted two photos of the film set that may make It is extremely pleasing to the fans of Incassable since we find  Samuel L. Jackson in the role of Elijah Price, aka Mr. Glass, the great antagonist of David Dunn in the film.

And Mr. Glass, he is still classy, with his purple suit, his wheelchair and his now gray hair. Of course, it is impossible to know for the moment under what circumstances Elijah Price, incarcerated after Incassable, will make his return and in what way he is connected to Kevin Wendell Crumb but admit that it is still a pleasure to see him again.