It’s been a few years (decades?) Since the Hellraiser saga has not spun us off. But as we still love his roots so much, we learn.

After being initiated by the novelist and filmmaker  Clive Barker, who adapted his new eponym, the Hellraiser saga knew a sequel, entitled flayed, flawed, but which faithfully extended the aesthetics and themes of the original film. After which the franchise got bogged down in a series of cheap and simplistic sequels, anticipating despite them the advent of porn torture. 

The series is not dead yet, as yet another episode has completed its shooting, Hellraiser: Judgment, but has no release date yet. Still, director Gary J. Tunnicliffe (former makeup artist on previous episodes) is convinced to have a damn hardcore movie there, as he explained at the microphone of the podcast The Movie Crypt, hosted by Adam Green and Joe Lynch.

“We filmed two sequences during which … one of the actresses has almost fainted … A scene will make you fart a cable especially Adam … I will describe it in off and at that moment, you will exclaim” oh Jesus Christ.

It is about a small dog. No, the dog is not killed. But he’s going through a traumatic experience. And then we also have three machinists who left the set in the middle of a sequence and exclaimed “It’s really too twisted. “