The star of Transparent is found in turn in turmoil.

Winner of two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe, for a unique role on American television – that of an old family man turned transgender – Transparent’s star actor, Jeffrey Tambor, finds himself in the eye of the storm post-Weinstein.

The 73-year-old actor is now facing allegations of sexual harassment, launched by his former assistant, Van Barnes, via a private post on Facebook. She claims that Tambor acted improperly towards her. In the process, Amazon has launched an official investigation within the Transparentteam, to establish the truth of these accusations, reveals Deadline.


For his part, the actor denies all inappropriate behavior and declares in a statement : “I am aware that a former dissatisfied assistant published this post implying that I had acted improperly towards her, but I reject categorically and vehemently and denies any involvement and allegations that I have behaved improperly towards this person or any other person with whom I have ever worked. “

“I am dismayed and saddened by this baseless attack,” Jeffrey Tambor concludes.

Still, for Amazon, it’s a new blow. After separating from entertainment president Roy Price last month – following a sexual assault on a Producer of The Man in the High Castle – it’s now one of his hit shows. Transparent Car is a major showcase for the platform, a progressive and avant-garde show, praised by critics and multi-award winning. Thus, Amazon hopes to complete the investigation of Tambor ” totally and quickly, hoping not to have to cancel the series in stride. The season 5 of Transparent has already been ordered this summer.