The public did not like his interpretation of the national anthem at all. What about you?

Fergie was chosen to sing the American anthem in the last game of stars in the NBA, and this turned out to be a task for which it was not up to par.

Before the game, the sexy singer stood before the microphone wearing a black dress and gave an unusual performance (with some blues, or rather jazz?) Of the anthem that apparently did not please the exclusive audience, nor the all the fans on the Internet.

In the clips you can see Chance the Rapper , Joel Embiid , Draymond Greenand Jimmy Kimmel in camera somewhat dissatisfied by the pace of Fergie.

A spectator, Isaac Harris , called it the “worst” rendition of the anthem he has heard. “Literally dying with these reactions, Fergie gave the worst interpretation of the story.”

John Middlekauf simply tweeted, “The worst interpretation of the story?”