Two years ago Celine Dions died husband René Angélil, but according to the singer he is still with her every day. 


“René is still present in my life, he is not physically with us, but he is still there every day, I also see him in the eyes of my children”, the singer (49) tells in an interview with the Australian TV program The Project.

Angélil died in January 2016 at the age of 73 from the effects of throat cancer. Dion had married him for almost 22 years and together they have three sons, René-Charles (17) and the twins Nelson and Eddy (7).


The manager and music producer was ill for several years before he died. “For three years he could not eat or drink, he got his food through a tube,” says Dion. “The only thing I hoped for all those years of suffering was that he would go peacefully, I wanted him to feel light and carefree.”

Angelil eventually died of a mild heart attack. “It went so fast, he did not feel any of it, for me it felt like he was finally relieved of his pain,” said the singer.