After the release of the first Frozen there was speculation about the sexual orientation of protagonist Elsa. The images of the new trailer for the second film would confirm these theories according to fans.

“Hmmmm …..”

In the first images of Frozen 2 we see a new character. It is a young girl with brown hair who looks with wonder how a blond man emerges from the leaves on the ground. Because there is no clear connection to be found and the rumors have been circulating about Elsa’s orientation for some time, it would be logical, according to fans, that the two have a love connection. 

Disney would have already hinted the nature of Elsa in the first film. Fans asked the American voice of Elsa, Kristen Bell, on Twitter about the rumors. The actress wrote on who the new girl is only “Hmmmm …..” back. In the username of the account that asks the question “Give Elsa a friend”, it is clear what the question refers to. 

Furthermore there is no confirmation of the storyline of Elsa in Frozen 2 and therefore nothing about her eventual lover in the film. In the coming period, there will be more images and further speculation.