Attorney Michael Avenatti has announced that he has found new evidence to prosecute R. Kelly. According to him, a never-treated sex tape could be the decisive factor.

The criminal lawyer, who previously assisted porn actress Stormy Daniels in the much-discussed case against President Donald Trump, states via a post on Twitter that since April 2018 he has done pro-deo research into the alleged sexual abuse of the singer.

In addition, a videotape would have been restored on which “several cases of assault of a minor girl” could be seen.

R. Kelly was accused in 2002 of having sex with a fourteen-year-old girl and making video recordings. Six years later, the singer went freely because it could not be proved that the person from the video was underage. According to Avenatti’s report, it would not be about the same video.

Together with “detailed information”, the tape of about 45 minutes would have been transferred to Kim Foxx, a prosecutor in Chicago. Avenatti says he expects to work with the research for a longer time.