Like many Hollywood actors of the first magnitude before him, Leonardo DiCaprio goes to the small screen – for the first time in his career. According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the Star of the Departed, together with the director Martin Scorsese, film Erik Larsen’s bestseller The Devil in the White City. The series about the first serial killer of America will be released on the streaming service Hulu, and, as fans hope, DiCaprio will play one of the main roles in it.

They wanted to transfer the history of Larsen to the big screens for fifteen years. Initially, the rights to the book belonged to the studio Warner Bros., then moved to Paramount; On one of the main roles considered Tom Cruise, and the director’s chair in the project was to take Oscar-bearing Catherine Bigelow. And only in 2010, DiCaprio acquired the rights to the film version. Whether he will play one of the characters or, together with Martin Scorsese, will perform only producer duties, is still unknown.

“The Devil in the White City” tells the horrific and true story of the first serial killer of America, Henry Howard Holmes, whose name is inextricably linked with the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. Holmes left a trail of blood in history, having built the “Castle of murders”, the hotel in which he tortured, disfigured and killed young women. Only a pure chance helped the police to stop the maniac, and how they managed to do this, will show the future series.