A terrible event on the streets of New York. The ex-playmate Stephanie Adams plunged herself and her child out of the 25th floor of a hotel

This message gets you goosebumps, because how desperate must the former Playmate Stephanie Adams, 47, have been that she jumps with her son, 7, from the roof of one of the tallest New York buildings? 

Stephanie Adams & child were dead immediately

The  Newsweek indicates that it is at Gotham Hotel in New York came to the tragic accident:  “The police responded to a distress call that an unconscious woman and an unconscious man was found Upon their arrival, the police discovered a forty-six years old female and a. seven-year-old male person. ”  Resuscitation measures did not strike and were already too late. They were declared dead on the spot. Now, the coroner will accept the cause of death, according to the American media.

What drove her to this act?

A custody dispute with her ex-husband and father of her child, the chiropractor Charles Nicolai, should have been the reason for their decision. She married the doctor in 2009, whereupon she gave birth to the baby son. In 2007, the ex-Miss November 1992 filed for divorce and also requested sole custody of the child together. The ongoing lawsuit cost her a lot of money. Was it the financial worries that prevented Adams from finding a way out? The police will now investigate.


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