The Boeing 737 crashed not far from the airport of Havana.

A passenger plane crashed in Cuba. That happened shortly after the Boeing 737 had taken off from Havana’s international airport. Almost everyone has died of the 113 passengers: according to Cuban state media, there are more than 100 deaths.

The flight was carried out by the airline Cubana de Aviación, who had rented the aircraft from a small Mexican company. The plane was on its way to the eastern Cuban city of Holguín when it crashed into a field due to unknown cause.

It is unclear how many people survived the crash. Various media report three women who are in hospital in critical condition. President Diaz-Canel, who came into office last month, went to the scene of the accident.

These are the first images of the burning aircraft wreck outside Havana.

About the identity of the occupants is only known that the crew did not come from Cuba. 

Video of Cuban Plane Crash by CNN