The nice result is very appreciated by his fans, happy with the lightness that he gives them through his posts.

Eva Mendes has decided to have make-up by his daughters and has shared the results as pubblicatao a photo on his Instagram profile. The actress, who loves privacy very much, prefers to share these bizarre moments and shots, rather than post photos of her little girls. The make up was created by her two little girls, Esmeralda and Amanda Lee , with the kind collaboration of her husband Ryan Gosling .

” They won, ” wrote the Cuban-born actress in the caption of her post. The make-up includes a neon blue eyeshadow, a little red foundation on the cheeks and some shaded pencil marks on the face. The funny side is that the products have been applied literally to every part of the face without distinction. Several celebrities smiled commenting below the post and defining the cute fantastic result. It is not the first time that the two girls, Esmeralda and Amanda Lee have fun making up mom. A few weeks ago Eva Mendes had published another shot with another make-up made by her daughters. For the moment, the actress and her husband have chosen not to share pictures of their little girls on social media, but Eva enjoys publishing photos taken by them.

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They’ve won ❤️

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Due to the Coronavirus emergency , Mendes and her family immediately chose isolation and spend the days playing together and making these fantastic shots. The former model felt very tried during this period. At the beginning of the isolation he had written to his fans that he did not know how to behave, whether to continue posting random photos or disappearing from social networks for a while. Fortunately, he opted for the first option and between a drawing and a make-up he gives his followers a little fun