The youngest of the house has been confronted with her famous sister always feeling inadequate

In the world of showbiz, many brothers and sisters of international stars suffer from the popularity of their famous family members. An example that came to light in this period is that of Noah Cyrus , the twenty-year-old sister of pop star Miley Cyrus .

The little girl of the house has launched into the world of music but it seems that she can’t really break through also because of Miley’s fame. In the song Young and Sad of her latest EP The End of Everything the young singer wanted to express this feeling of inadequacy that has always pursued her: “ My sister is like the sun, she always brings good light wherever she goes. I was born to rain clouds blessed by its shadow . “

Noah spoke openly of this problem in an Instagram Live last Saturday, referring to the meaning of his song: “ In the song I tell you about having had difficult moments being Miley’s younger sister , even though I was normally a person who he didn’t care about the judgment of others and the things they said about me online . “

In tears, the singer confessed that from a very young age she had to face the confrontation with her famous sister: “ Sometimes it was absolutely unbearable. And that’s exactly what I write in the song, that is, that I am ‘blessed in its shadow’. Because this is what I’ve always been told: that whatever had happened, I would always have been in its shadow . Every single day of my life, nobody excluded, this concept has been repeated to me. Everyday. I was never enough for my appearance or my way of being. Sometimes this awareness blocks my breath . “

The young Cyrus thus ended the direct addressing her fans: “ You guys are young, you know the internet. It was really tough for me . I wanted to talk once and for all, because that has been an important part of my life, and I will probably never talk about it again. I just wanted to put that period aside . ”