The first rumors about problems in the marriage of 34-year-old Megan Fox and 46-year-old Brian Austin Green appeared about a month ago. On the eve of the birthday of the actress, her husband hinted at their separation. Brian posted a post on Instagram, which consisted of a photo with butterflies and a signature in which many fans saw a hidden meaning.

In the end, the butterflies get tired of sitting on one flower, they begin to choke. Around them is a huge world, and they want to experience it,

– wrote Brian.

Most internet users have suggested that Green’s metaphorical statement is about breaking up with Fox. Many also recalled that most recently, the actress was spotted in the company of 30-year-old rapper Colson Baker, – it is rumored that it was with him, and not with her husband, that Megan quarantines.

Back in late April, insiders reported that Megan and Brian have recently been living in different houses. According to rumors, the actress decided to stay in Calabasas, while her husband left for Malibu. At the same time, Fox and Green meet regularly to spend time together with their three sons. A little earlier, the paparazzi also noticed that Brian removed a wedding ring from his finger.

Recall that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green got married in 2010 and raise three sons in marriage : seven-year-old Noah, six-year-old Bodie and three-year-old Jorney. Previously, the couple was already experiencing a crisis in 2015. Then the couple intended to divorce, but after a few months they took the application for divorce, because they learned that Megan was expecting a third child.