Emma Stone is one of the most sought-after young actresses – in her 30 years she is already an Oscar winner and can boast roles in top Hollywood projects. Every year for Emma something happens for the first time, and in 2018 the girl decided to bare herself in front of the camera for the sake of the movie “Favorite”. The actress spoke about this experience in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Emma, along with Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weiss, told the publication about how unforgettable the experience of working with director Yorgos Lantimos was, and for Stone, Favorite became a new stage in the acting game – La La Lenda star decided to expose her breast for the first time in frame. “When we shot the same scene with Rachel, my body was covered with a sheet. And after a few takes, I simply suggested taking it off so that Rachel could focus on something other than the girl wrapped in the sheet. Olivia tried to dissuade me, and Yorgos clarified whether I precisely want to do this. So I agreed. It was completely my choice, ”says Emma.



The movie “Favorite” will be released January 31, 2019.

Pictures by Hollywood Reporter