And if this demand originated in the heart of the conflict between Facebook and Apple?

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg are not getting along. It must be said that the economic model of Apple and Facebook differs so much that men have pulled themselves in the paws by media. Not to mention that the Cupertino company no longer integrates the services of the social network in its iOS operating system. In a nutshell, the New York Time reveals today that Mark Zuckerberg has expressly asked his executives not to use iPhone anymore and to turn to Android models. The reason? Android, Google’s operating system, is much more present. Unless the big boss of Facebook has a tooth against Apple now!

The war between Facebook and Apple would she know a new chapter?

A legitimate question in the face of the latest New York Time revelation: Mark Zuckerberg would ask his executives to turn to Android at the expense of the iPhone. A position justified by the fact that Google’s OS is more widespread but still raises questions. And for good reason: the boss of Facebook and that of Apple are not really in good term. It must be said that the two firms’ policies differ enormously.

On the one hand, Apple offers products that are often expensive but that guarantee users’ privacy. On the other, Facebook resells the sensitive data of his to offer a free service. For the first, it is a product that is bought, for the second, it is the user the product. There is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg’s directive to turn to Android, which seems justified, is also motivated by the new battle fought against the Cupertino company …